Will you survive the city?
In The Brave Escape, your plane crashes in the middle of a city. After waking up after the crash it looks like there was an apocalypse. The city is destroyed, men with guns are shooting and zombies are roaming the streets. You as the only brave survivor needs to survive the ruined city. Are you the survival hero? Show that you can survive in one of the newest survival games!

A new game in the survival games genre!
In The Brave Escape, you depend on your weapons. Most enemies have weapons, so you need to be armed as well. Make sure to craft and upgrade new weapons.
As a brave hero, you need to survive in the city. But you do not survive on one spot. You have to escape the city. This survival game is divided into multiple zones. Make sure to shoot your way through all enemy lines and try to escape by boat.

Shoot and escape!
Basically you, as the brave hero need to survive every zone in the city. You do this by crafting guns to be able to defeat the enemy. Every zone the enemies get harder, so you will need to upgrade your weapons. Are you ready to fight to escape? Survival games were never this much fun!

Key Features:
✔ Apocalypse blocky city!
✔ New action survival games!
✔ Unlock all guns and escape the city!
✔ Survive zombie attacks!
✔ Escape the evil men!